Tuesday, February 8, 2011

First week sewalong challenge...CHECK!

So I went along with the crochet hook case for week one of the sewalong and I will say that I'm pretty pleased with it! I made up my own pattern for it since I couldn't find one that I really loved so here it is!

Sorry for the crappy pictures :x. I have yet to figure out how to make my pictures look cute! Argh!! Plus when I'm taking them its usually at night so I can't use natural light :[. But anyways..
So I attempted to make a tut for this pouch, and completely forgot to take pictures of about three steps, which are very important! So I can't post a tut just yet, but I will get a tut on here soon I swear! Not that anyone in particular has asked me or anything...I just really want to :]. Actually I did get asked to do a tut for the hooded towel I make, but I haven't been able to get more terry yet so I haven't gotten around to that just yet.
On a side note, I made my first dress today! It is so adorable!! I just have to get some nice satin ribbon that matches then its done and I will post pictures. But I absolutely love how it came out. Und das ist alles! Goodnight lovelies :]

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ice Cream Cozy pattern and sewalong news!

So a couple of the ladies from BBC decided to start a sewalong!! This week we are choosing between a crochet needle case and a sewing machine cover, or both! I think Im going with the crochet needle case, seeing as how I have been meaning to make one for a while but just havent gotten around to it! If I have time by the end of the week I might just make the sewing machine cover as well but we'll see :]. So hopefully my next post will be either a picture or a tut about my crochet needle case! This one is a NEW PATTERN!!! I have spent the majority of today coming up with a ice cream cozy! My family likes to eat ice cream out of the pint so I figured it was pretty practical, and not to mention cute! So I came up with this all on my lonesome :] and Im pretty happy with it. I suppose Ill be posting it on ravelry as well, but Im starting out here! Show me some love and I might just come up with some more patterns and things!!

Ice Cream Cozy Pattern
I made this pattern using a size 5 hook and a medium weight cotton yarn.
Start by chaining 4 and slip stitching to form a ring.
Row 1: Ch 2, make 11 DCs in the ring and slip stitch in the top of the first DC (chain 2 does NOT count as a DC throughout the entire pattern) (11)
Row 2: Ch 2, 2 DCs in each stitch across (22)
Row 3: Ch 1, 2 SCs in each stitch across (44)
Row 4: Ch 1, HDC2TOG in back loops only all the way across (22)
Row 5: Ch 2, 1 DC in each stitch across (22)
Row 6: Ch 2, *DC in next 7 stitches, 2 DCs in 8th stitch* repeat all the way across (24)
Row 7: Ch 2, *DC in next 5 stitches, 2 DCs in 6th stitch* repeat all the way across (28)
Row 8: Repeat row 6 (31)
Row 9: Ch 2, DC in each stitch across (31)
Rows 10 & 11: Ch 1, SC in each stitch across. After row 11 tie off and weave in ends. (31)
And VOILA!! There is your Ice Cream Cozy, now go eat some ice cream with warm hands :]