Sunday, February 26, 2012

Vegan Challenge!

Alright all of my avid and loyal readers (who are currently non-existent but I will one day have you, bwahaha!) I have just started my VEGAN CHALLENGE! I am currently 143 and 5'8. By the end of this challenge I plan on being aboooouuuttt....130-ish. I started a workout routine a few weeks ago and I'm really getting into the swing of it now so I think I can totally pull it off.

So for this vegan thing. I can honestly say I am really excited about it. I have only been doing it since Wednesday but I love it so far. I'm not going to go into details about the reason behind my decision (aka...FREAKING ANIMAL CRUELTY!) but just know it's a damn good one.

Just know that this is going to be a hell of an adventure! The food just tastes so...real. I completely cut out processed food from my diet and am really taking this on by storm! This coming up Wednesday I am even going to check out Michael Pollan lecture up in Denver. So so so stoked about that by the way. Even though he doesn't preach veganism he is still a forced to be reckoned with in the food world. Its funny though...he isn't a nutritionist or anything..just a curious journalist who is trying to make a difference in the way we eat. Which is something I will definitely do one day.

So for the food, I was thinking of keeping track of it on here a bit. Like a sort of food diary or something. Giving my recipes, and sharing the ones I find that are just far too amazing to keep to myself. Sounds like a sweet deal right?

Well since it is the beginning of my challenge, and the beginning of a change in my life, I decided I would come out of my shell and post a picture if me pre-body. A nudy pick! Ahhh no, just kidding, ya perve ;]. So I can show people my progress! Enjoy the nudity!!

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