Sunday, January 30, 2011

A few finished projects :]

I have been working on a handful of things for my little muffin, and to share with the world! So now its time to share them with the world :].
So here are two onsies that I appliqued for one of my best friends who is having twins! I made the hats a while I just have to send them off to her.
 This is the blanket I have been working on for a while, it is so cute and so soft...just taking foreverr to finish making! I think I overestimated myself and made it a little too big, oh well I will finish it eventually!
 By second pair of Leggies that I made!
 First pair of Leggies that I made :]
 Bamboo silk baby hat! This yarn is soooo soft, I just love it!
 My first ever attempt at putting ear flaps on a hat...I think it turned out alright but it will definitely have to be fixed up a bit.
 Diaper pouch I made, it turned out a little bit too small for me to use...But its cute nonetheless.
 Second diaper pouch I made, different style and I just need to make it with a cute fabric so I can use it!
 AAAAAnnnndddd, my wet bag :]
So these are the things I have made recently. I have a few others that I just havent taken pictures of. If yall like anything in specific let me know and I might make a tut for it! I was asked to make a tut for my hooded towel so eventually I will be working on that. I just have to get to the store and get some more fabric to make them! Here it is by the way...

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