Saturday, January 29, 2011

What a beautiful morning

Today was gooooorgeous! One of the nicest days I have ever seen, literally in my entire life. Absolutely beautiful. But mom took me shopping at the outlets :]. I am officially DONE buying baby clothes!! I now believe I have enough, maybe too many...but enough! Now to get everything set up and washed and get my diapers bought, then I will be done with everything. That will be a relief. There are still a handful of things I need but most of it can wait. The only thing I REALLY need is diapers. Oh by the way, in case yall wanted to know...I am most definitely going cloth. I plan on reducing my carbon footprint as best I can, and I think this is the best place for me to start. And plus, they are freaking adorable!! I have a couple of them already, but nowhere near enough to be able to use them full time. But the ones I have are soooo cute! I just need to find one with elephants on it! I love elephants :]. I got some new fabric in the mail today, and its adorable...Elephant Fabric - destash :D.
Now to figure out what Im going to use it for haha.
I started to crochet a blanket today, without a pattern! So far its going good, I had to take out a few rows and fix a few things but its pretty cute so far! Ill put up a picture of my work in progress within a couple of days...maybe after I get a little farther on it. Have a great weekend darlings!!!

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