Thursday, January 27, 2011

To new beginnings.

I have decided to leave my old blog for this new one I created. My old one wasn't amazing or anything, but I needed to change the name, and I like this one! I made it alot simpler. So heres to my new blog!
So I'll start off by saying, welcome, to anyone who happens upon this blog! Now I know its nothing special but its my little slice of alone time in this hectic life I lead so take it or leave it darlin!
So I am sitting here feeling the gigantic ROLLS by little girl is doing in my belly! She has not let up all day! But its ok, just a few more weeks and I get to meet this precious thing I have growing inside me, and I couldn't be more excited! So this will most likely end up being stories about my life with Oakleigh, among other things, and a blog about being crafty! I am a sewer and a crocheter so I have a handful of tricks up my sleeve, but we'll see!

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